The recent decision by the government to ban the currency notes of 500 and 100 has taken the country by surprise and almost everyone is running out of cash. The new notes will take a little time to get circulated in the economy and till then people are surely going to face cash crunch on daily basis. Spending with people has reduced to almost 70% and people are finding it hard to pay for their basic necessities like medicines, vegetables and ration.

Surely cash transactions have hit the bottom and this a perfect time to go cashless by opting for digital payment through e-wallets. Making payments for basic transactions through digital wallets is surely the best way to tackle cash crunch and Paytm wallet is the best platform for it. A perfectly secure e-wallet, Paytm lets you manage your finances with the click of a button. The e-wallet gives you the facility of settling online as well as offline transactions with ease and using it you can pay for bills, recharges, taxi rides, movie booking as well as basic transactions on brick and mortar shops. Here’s how you can take help of Paytm digital wallet and satisfy your needs during recent scenario-

Go cashless and make online payments through Paytm wallet

One of the most popular and downloaded digital wallet apps, Paytm has been encouraging cashless economy for a long time now. With people facing shortage of cash in present times it has become difficult to make offline payments for various services like power and utility bills. It is at this time you can take help of Paytm e-wallet and make payments for electricity bills, telephone as well as water bills.

The digital wallet is the best platform for settling cashless transactions and with Paytm you can send and receive money from anyone across the country. Paytm wallet is associated with almost every big and small service provider in India and with it you can make payments for movies bookings, recharges, and bus and train tickets as well as for taxi bookings from Ola, Uber and Meru cabs. Paytm has witnessed a drastic increase in download of its wallet app after demonetization and this surely is an indication of its popularity among masses.

Paytm is a reliable platform to settle offline transactions

With as much as 70 to 75 % cash becoming useless overnight in the form of 500 and 1000 currency notes, people are finding it tough to make payments even for their basic necessities. To remove the hassles related to offline payments Paytm has accelerated the promotions of its Paytmkaro campaign and is motivating small shopkeepers and retailers to accept payments through cash transfer via Paytm. Payments through Paytm wallet are transferred within seconds and it is similar to paying cash in hand. You can transfer the wallet amount to your back and this saves you the hassle of going to a band and standing in a line to deposit your cash.

Being the most popular and reliable e-wallet, people find it safe to accept payments via Paytm. Whether it is a petrol pump, a general store or taxi rides, you can ask for to make the payment the payment through Paytm. People are getting aware of the significance of Paytm wallet with each passing day and are reluctance to accept payments through e-wallet is diminishing slowly and steadily.

Paytm wallet – a beneficial proposition

Making payments for online as well as offline transactions through Paytm wallet is more secure option than debit cards and cash. The Paytm wallet in recent times since demonetization has witnessed a surge in its download and people are finding the e-wallet as the best mode for transaction settlement. Downloading or upgrading the Paytm wallet gives you the opportunity enjoy host of benefits in the form of discounts as well as cashbacks. Paytm provides its user with 2 to 5 % cashbacks on adding money to the wallet. This facility helps you have more cash in your wallet than what you actually paid for.

Benefits in the form of discounts and offers are always available with Paytm wallet and help people exercise best economy with valuable services. Paytm coupons can always be applied on orders and helps you avail best discounts on shopping of a product or paying for a service.

How Paytm Can Solve Your Needs during Recent Scenario
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