The magic of Patanjali products are roaming around the world especially in India. Reason behind instant success of patanjali unit is the organic products they use in maximum quality and the price which is cheapest as compare to other products.

Penetrating the entire market patanjali recently made entry in Beauty market as well while offering best beauty products to Indian audience that too in affordable price. 😳



Top 10 Patanjali Beauty Product :-

1. Patanjali Aloevera Gel –

Patanjali Aloevera Gel Review Price

This is one of the best patanjali products and like a blessing for everyday beauty regime. Patanjali aloevera gel can be used for multiple purposes like it can be used as toner, as moisturizer for your face care. For best results you can apply it overnight and can see visible changes in your face which will become smooth soon. It can remove sun tan, dark spots and the need of patanjali face cream for pimples, effectively however you can use it to your hair as well. So it’s true survival of every lady and can take care of your skin in no additional effort.

Price: Rs.80

Shop it: here

2. Patanjali Keshkanti Shampoo

Patanjali Keshkanti Shampoo Review Price

Whenever it’s about shampoo we all afraid of switching it as it can come up with many hair problems like hair fall, dandruff and dryness. Patanjali kesh kanti is one of the best patanjali products for hair growth as it is mild hair cleanser which will probably not condition your hairs but yes it will nourish your hairs in all true sense. Using this shampoo for 2 or 3 weeks can tell you the live result as solving problems like hair fall and dandruff pretty much fast.

Price: Rs.95

Shop it: here


3. Patanjali Honey Orange Face WashPatanjali Honey Orange Face Wash Review Price

Combination of honey and orange is itself something that can do wonder to your skin like
patanjali fairness face wash. Lazy and busy lifestyles must have been changed our way to make something by our own. Patanjali Honey orange face wash is best for oily skin at this prevent skin to generate excess oil by keeping it refreshing and dry. This will solve up your need of patanjali face pack for glowing skin as well.

Price: Rs.45

Shop it: here


4. Patanjali Apricot Face Scrub

Patanjali Apricot Face Scrub Review Price

Generally face scrub after scrubbing your face can make it rough and can cause rashes over it. That’s why using scrub regularly is not an good idea. However this myth has been tearing down by patanjali as the apricot face scrub offered by it is so mild and smooth those will not irritate your skin and you can use it two times in a week too without having any rashes. If you are searching for patanjali beauty products for oily skin this is we can suggest as best.

Price: Rs.60

Shop it: here


5. Patanjali Strawberry Lip Balm

 Patanjali Strawberry Lip Balm Review Price

Well, we all know that how much we are getting robbed by big brands on the name of color variety which is being sale up as lip balm however they are more lipstick than balm. patanjali lipstick online as strawberry lip balm will moisturize your lips and do the every work of balm. However it contains only strawberry fragrance while not included in it which can be the only con of it.

Price: Rs.25

Shop it: here


6. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil Review Price

Patanjali did very good by making this oil as it is 100% natural carrying no mineral oil. This oil is the combination of all essential oil like coconut, Almond, jojoba and many herbs like reetha ,Indian gooseberry, brahangraj into it. Using this oil regularly can make your scalp strong and devote nurture to the roots of your hair which is very essential in this polluted era.

Price: Rs.130

Shop it: here


7. Patanjali Divya Kanti Lep

Patanjali Divya Kanti Lep Review Price

If you have pimples and acne on your face, back and hands than this patanjali divya kanti lep can help you healing them without going expensive. This patanjali face cream for pimples is made from all natural ingredient which works as soothing agent to your skin and dry out the pimples very quickly. Divya kanti lep helps you to get clear skin within 1 month if you apply it twice weekly without harming your skin.

Price: Rs.70

Shop it: here


8. Patanjali Haldi Chandan Soap

Patanjali Haldi Chandan Soap Review Price

Patanjali haldi chandan soap is patanjali fairness soap and can be used for daily bathing as the haldi chandan combination will keep your skin look radiant and brighten your complexion. It will not dry out your skin whenever you will use it. The moisturize components will help in making your skin smooth with the nice fragrance of chandan.

Price: Rs.13

Shop it: here


9. Patanjali Damage Control Hair Conditioner

Patanjali Damage Control Hair Conditioner Review Price

Damaged hair are the most common problem that can be found complaining by anyone. Patanjali has solution for it as well with all new Patanjali damage control hair conditioner which can help you giving your hairs proper care and protect them from harmful chemicals which can damage it even more. Patanjali hair conditioner is too affordable to repair your hair soon.

Price: Rs.60

Shop it: here


10. Patanjali Beauty Cream

Patanjali Beauty Cream Review Price

Giving tough competition to pre acquired market of beauty creams in India patanjali has made debut launching the Patanjali beauty cream which can be used for everyday skin and face care. Patanjali claims that this cream will keep your face moisture by giving it essential elements and its non greasy in texture. We hope that this cream too do wonders and solve up the need of beauties for their everyday face care. You can use it as patanjali face cream for dark spot too.

Price: Rs.70

Shop it: here


All products above mentioned are best patanjali products you should give it a try you can use the latest Amazon Offers to get great discounts on patanjali products. While we are still waiting for more patanjali range of products, like patanjali perfumes to hit the market.

10 Best Patanjali Beauty Products: You Must Try!
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