Vini Furntech Fabric Living Room Chair(Finish Color - Black)

Vini Furntech Fabric Living Room Chair(Finish Color - Black)
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When a bid price on a particular product reaches to the INR 20 then no new manual bidders or new bid boss by the first time bid placing user will be accpeted. Those users who are placing bids from the time before it reaches at 20 Rs. can only continue placing coins. No new user can be able to place any manual coins or book any bidboss in the case.

Bid Price
Highest Bidder
  • ₹ 508.27
    neeraj dhanka10:07:51 AM
  • ₹ 508.26
    ravindra dhanka10:07:46 AM
  • ₹ 508.25
    Brajesh Sharma10:07:41 AM
  • ₹ 508.24
    neeraj dhanka10:07:36 AM
  • ₹ 508.23
    ravindra dhanka10:07:31 AM
  • ₹ 508.22
    Brajesh Sharma10:07:26 AM
  • ₹ 508.21
    neeraj dhanka10:07:21 AM
  • ₹ 508.2
    ravindra dhanka10:07:16 AM

Manual Bidding and Bidding through Bid Boss Allowed

With each new bid price goes up by 1 paisa and timer start from 5 seconds.

BidBoss - Your automated bidding tool
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Book a BidBoss
Book any amount of coins to your BidBoss. It will use your coins for you within the last second of the auction.

User Involved

Brajesh Sharma
ravindra dhanka
neeraj dhanka

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