Pigeon Favourite Electric Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature(1 L, White)

Sold Pigeon Favourite Electric Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature(1 L, White)
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Finding it hard to adjust with the kind of rice served in your paying guest accommodation? Make your own rice with this electric rice cooker from Pigeon in your room. Capacity Of One Litre This pressure cooker has a capacity of one litre, letting you share it with your roomies so you can cook and enjoy your meals together. Swivel Cord Of 1.1m The cooker has a swivel cord with a length of 1.1m, so you can easily place it on a table or any flat surface near a plug point in your room. Cook And Warm Indicator The electric cooker has two indicators, letting you know whether your roomie has left the food inside to cook or just for warming up.


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