Lowest Price - Xolo Mobiles Q500 – Rs. 5840 , Q700- Rs. 8569 | Q800 – Rs. 9935

Lowest Price - Xolo Mobiles Q500 – Rs. 5840 , Q700-  Rs. 8569 | Q800 –  Rs. 9935 Rs. 6999 Comment Shop Now
Amazon India, the online shopping hub is now showcasing an amazing offer where you get to enjoy buying Lowest Price - Xolo Mobiles Q500 – Rs. 5840 , Q700- Rs. 8569 | Q800 – Rs. 9935. Bag this offer by following the steps below.

Get Lowest Price - Xolo Mobiles Q500 at Rs. 6401 and Q800 at Rs. 9935. Amazing Features of Xolo Mobile are: 4GB internal memory, 32GB Expandable, Bluetooth, Color Screen, MP3 Player, Primary Camera, Dual Sim (GSM+GSM). Buy the cool Xolo Mobiles and enjoy.

Xolo Q500 Rs.7299

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About Mobiles

 Buy mobiles at best rate

Who doesn’t need mobile today? Other than just being a necessity, today carrying a mobile has become mandatory. Why do people usephone? Naturally to make calls and keep in contact, but today’s generation want to keep themselves updated. Thus, they use a phone that works as minicomputer and provide all the necessary applications. Such smart phones definitely cost little more than usual ones. But not to worry you can get fabulous Mobile Hot Deals and Discount at MyTokri.

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We try to give people the best possible options which make their shopping a little easy and pocket friendly. Suppose you have chosen a phone that’s out of your budget, simply come to our website and check out for deals available on that particular set on any online store.

We at MyTokri always give away Amazon Offers and Deals on Mobile Phones so that one doesn’t have to compromise on their choice. Now you can own a stylish, Smartphone under your budget without getting into any monthly schemes or interest paid mode.

Select the right model

With a number of Mobile Phones Deals in India available today in the market, you can get confused at choosing that one will suit you the best. First decide for what purpose you will be using the mobile. If you are a business person go for smart phone that includes various applications. Forteenager, a good multimedia phone will do the job.

Be it any kind of mobile set we assure you to find the best deal anywhere in India. Choose reliable online store, select the model you want to buy and search in MyTokri.com whether any offers are available on that model in any online store.

Finding the Best Mobile Prices in India is not a difficult task as we guide you through the latest products and help you get those products at amazing prices. Our motto is to make every customer happy with their purchase and withprice that brings a smile on your face is our achievement.

Think before making any investment as we can save a lot of money if you use our discount coupons at MyTokri. Look for Samsung Mobile Deals 2014 and various other phone companies to choose the best deal out of all and get your phone at reasonable price after discount.

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About Xolo
XOLO aims to provide something new and better every time. It is tying up with Intel in order to come up with the world\'s first Intel processor powered Smartphone. XOLO intends to provide the fastest computing experience and develop customized applications like ‘XOLO Switch’. Devices are developed to provide that extra factor and to deliver an amazing experience. Fresh designs, new approaches, advanced technologies- these are the features of XOLO. The ever-changing premium smart phone category keeps in mind the dynamic characteristic of different customers. Avail the great deals and amazing offers that XOLO gives you. Don’t wait. Go and experience the next level with XOLO.